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Replacement Battery for all 24V & 36V Hilltopper Kits!

Universal Replacement Battery

  • Replacement Battery for Economy, Sprinter, Commuter, Ranger
  • Requires a 36v cable set & 36v charger
  • 20+ miles of range
(26 reviews)

A new addition in 2020! A universal replacement battery for all 24V kits (Economy, Sprinter, Commuter, Twin Pack) and for the 36V Ranger kit. This 36V battery is built with a controller that is optimized to run all 24V kit Hilltopper motors, and all 36V kit Hilltopper motors. Rated at 36V 7.8 Ah it will provide 16-20+ miles of range in a small, slim battery. Built in the shock proof neoprene case. Built here in Seattle. Built with certified Samsung cells.

Requires a 36v charger and cable set. If you are replacing a 24V battery, make sure you order the battery with a 36v charger and a 36V cable set and use the discount code UpgradeTo36V to get $75 off your order. 36V batteries are more efficient then 24V, so if you own a Sprinter or Economy you will enjoy a 50-70% increased range. If you own a Commuter or Ranger you will see a 10 – 15% increase in battery range.

If you purchased your Hilltopper kit before 2018 please contact customer support via email at first to make sure this battery will fit your plugs (we changed all of our kits to plugs with an even higher waterproofy-ness rating in 2018 since we live in Seattle and it rains a lot). Or just plan on getting the new cable set and using the code above. The cable set includes a variable speed throttle, which is a cool upgrade from the push button on the 24V.

Also, DIY tip: for 24V kits you can order a battery module for $136 less. (Some assembly required.) Typically the module is what wears out first in an e-bike battery, so this hack is a great way for you to enjoy like new battery performance while also saving money. Ask for tips on how to do this.

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  • $75 off your purchase when you buy a 36v Replacement battery, 36v Cable Set, and 36V Charger combo with code upgradeto36v
  • Hand built in small batches, estimated lead time of 2 weeks


  • Voltage & Capacity36 Volts, 7.8 Amp Hours (Ah)
  • Size 8 x 3 x 4 inches
  • Weight 4.14 lbs
  • Controller includedUniversal battery controller for 250w and 350w Hilltopper motors from years 2000 to 2020
26 reviews for Universal Replacement Battery
Norman E.

Works well


great upgrade over my old model

Dominic Dangona

Great product. Clean install. Helpful staff.

Russell Gronert

only have had it for a month


Much lighter than my orig 24v battery

Howard W.

36 volt battery gives plenty of power and run time.

Peter Joyce

The key for a battery is to last a long time. So far, so good with this one, but I’d like to get at least one year out of it. We’ll see how it goes.


Way better than the previous battery I purchased years ago. More top end!

Joseph Baginski

Very powerful.

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