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36V Cable Set

  • Compatible with Ranger, Horizon, and Universal Replacement batteries only.
  • Not compatible with 2020+ Sprinter batteries.
(23 reviews)

Getting an additional cable set can allow you to easily and quickly move a battery pack and/or motor wheel from bike to bike while you leave the cable sets semi-permanently installed on one or more bikes.

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  • Compatibility:Ranger, Horizon, and Universal Replacement 36V batteries only.
  • Not for 2020+ Sprinter or Horizon batteries.
23 reviews for 36V Cable Set
Matthew D.

The new cable set works well and the throttle feature is a great bonus for the new 36V system.

robert loveland

I like this much better then the button one

Michael S Hickey

The thumb throttle (TT) is ok for installing and leaving on one bike. The original Velcro “Go” button is much easier to move from bike to bike. I still use the TT like the button, “Go-No Go”. There is no throttling. Ease into “Go”? Yes. 1/2 Go?, No.

In the past I took the HT Kit (wheel, battery and harness) between WA & AZ seasonally where I have a bike in each location. With TT not easy, so will buy a second harness.

byron h.

The throttle idea was a good call.

keith thompson

I like the chance to control the voltage

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