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Our Longest Lifespan Battery

Spare 36v Ranger Battery Pack

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  • Built from Dakota Lithium's legendary LiFePO4 cells
  • Extra long lifespan provides exceptional value
  • 20-25+ miles of range

Replacement lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery for the Ranger electric bike kit. Or an extra battery for very long rides. Range of 25+ miles. Built from certified Dakota Lithium cells. LiFePO4 is heavier and bulkier than the lithium ion cells used in our other batteries but provides a longer lifespan. This battery lasts 2,000 recharge cycles, about 3 times the lifespan of other lithium and e-bike batteries. A good choice for customers who use their 36 Volt bike frequently and want a battery that will last a long, long time. Or if you are looking for the best lifetime value (and don’t care about the weight).

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  • Fits All of our 36 Volt Kits!

Reviews (1)

5.0 / 5
Roy Krizek

My range is about 75 mi with both packs