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Improved Safety! Recommended for Aluminum or Carbon Forks

Torque Arm

Read 44 reviews
  • Increased safety and reliability
  • For 36V and 48V kits only
  • Free Shipping

A simple way to add strength to your front fork. But totally optional. Electric bike motors add additional stress on front forks. That is why we recommend steel forks, or adding a torque arm if using an aluminum or carbon fiber fork, or if your bike’s fork is really, really old. Torque arms are not required, but can offer a sense of security by adding increased strength to your bike’s hold on the axle and transporting some of the strain away from the drop outs.

Detailed installation instructions and more information is available here.

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Reviews (44)

4.7 / 5
Earnie Cox

Didn’t need it but I might later on

Michael G.

Not sure I needed it, but I’m a big guy and my bile is aluminum.

Bryan L.

Worked as expected.


Exactly as described

David Solano

Perfect size for any fork configuration. Highly recommended!

Stephen Chavez

I didn’t install this arm.

Donna P.

Awesome ?


It’s a torque arm… So far that part of my bike hasn’t broke off so I guess it’s doing it’s job. It was easy enough to put on. I used the instructional video on they have on the YouTube.


Old bike added this for safety, works great.