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24V Lithium Ion Battery Module

Read 8 reviews

High quality 24V Lithium Battery Modules. Optimized for multiple uses, but they see the most use as a clever DIY hack of our 24v batteries. Typically if your 24v battery wears out after a few years it’s the module that wears out first. That means you may be able to replace the module, instead of replacing the entire battery and save some cash. Drop a note to to be certain that this hack works for you.

As a DIY hack it is a good one. This module is $136 less then the universal replacement battery and allows you to reuse the rest of your battery (happy planet!). This hack is a great way for you to enjoy like new battery performance while also saving money.

Short of DIY time? Then check out our Universal Replacement Battery for Economy, Sprinter, Commuter and Ranger kits.


Reviews (8)

5.0 / 5

good service

Stephen Schnitker

I have a killer 12% hill to get to my house. Two parallel 24 volt modules help me zip my bike and trailer to the top.


Replaces old original battery.

Monica T.

What a great option. Instead of new battery and cables, this module allows me to get more life out of my current battery.

Robert Camper

Was a very easy transition changing to the new module…..

James Brumfield

not too complicated to reinstall. thank you

Kevan V.

Have not installed yet bought as reserve/backup arrived timely and appears correct etc Will have it on hand when the time arises for the need

John K.

This was a replacement of my 4 year old battery, it was a quick and easy assembly , charged quickly and I was riding again