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Pow! Pow! Power Wheel!

24V Electric Bike Wheel

Read 8 reviews
  • Replacement Wheel for 24 Volt Kits
  • Brushless Motor Provides a Smooth Buttery Ride
  • Requires 24V Battery & Cable Set

Built by hand at our shop in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle. Your wheel is built to order and customized to fit the wheel size of your bike. Stainless steel spokes are combined with a double wall rim. Cloth rim tape provides extra protection against flats. A complementary Kenda tire & tube is included to make installation easy (and save you money). Hub is disc brake compatible.

This wheel comes in four different sizes and has a two-cross lacing pattern. A planetary-geared 250w 24v DC brushless hub motor, weighing six pounds is laced into it for a combined weight of only 10 lbs.

The wheel is hand built here in Seattle by our e-bike mechanics, using high-quality components. The hub motor has a smooth free-wheel bearing which means there is no rolling resistance when the motor is turned off. It easily rolls with the same low friction of a regular bike wheel. Our competitors use motors without this type of bearing, meaning many of their motor components continue to spin and create drag when you are coasting. Your Hilltopper electric bike wheel, on the other hand, will give you a smooth, effortless ride.

For use with 24 Volt batteries only.

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Reviews (8)

5.0 / 5

works fine

David Solano

Got the wrong wheel and ruined it but it did go really quick for a while and looks beautiful. Make sure to check to see that the washer tabs fit your fork so that your bicycle can handle the torque! Or use the torque arm. Still recommending to everyone!

Robert B.

Love this motor. My 2nd from Hilltopper. The first motor lasted 10 years before finally giving out. I was happy with that long of a life.

Norman Dutertre’s

This wheel is for my three wheel bike. Now I get up the hill ok with out too much foot powe to use.

Allen Pyle


Kathryn Masterlark

Very good service

D R Hoeltzel

Parts for my 4th Hilltopper bike.

Lynn Scholfield

a light weight front hub motor is the perfect solution for those that don’t want their bicycle to look or feel like an electric bike. The 24 volt system is plenty powerful enough to assist a person up the average hill. Sure, It won’t pull you up without helping it by pedaling some, but isn’t exercise the main reason we ride our bicycles, otherwise, we would just get a motorcycle. Having a hub motor also is a safety tool, especially for those that are getting a little older and not quite as agile as they once were. I often find myself struggling a bit to get back in the saddle and pedaling across a busy intersection, especially if it is slightly uphill. How nice to press that hub motor button and get that extra boost to get safely across with or without pedaling. Pedal Assist bicycle have a disadvantage for this feature, because you often don’t have that power-on-demand button that hilltopper’s system provides. I love my hub wheels. I have one on all of my bikes, and I have 3. So little weight, almost invisible, but enough power to make bicycling fun, without taking away the exercise factor.