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Replacement Battery for 2020 Sprinter

Sprinter Water Bottle Battery

  • Sold Out - Pre-Order Only
  • Replacement Battery 2020+ Sprinter Only
  • Only compatible with 2020+ Sprinter Kit
  • 10-20+ miles of range
(5 reviews)

Looking to go the distance? Want to keep a spare for long rides or just in case? This 36v 5.4Ah waterbottle battery includes a USB port for charging your electronics, and plenty of stealth good looks. For new 2020 Sprinter kits and beyond. Battery only. A replacement controller and mounting dock is available here. For Hilltopper kits made prior to 2020 please see the universal replacement battery or contact with your model and estimated year for replacement battery options (for old 24v kits see our DIY battery module hack for one clever and thrifty option).

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  • Power in a bottle! How cool is that?


  • Size 10.5 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Voltage & Capacity36 Volts, 5.4 Amp Hours (Ah)
  • Battery Only36V 250w Hilltopper motors from years 2020 to present. Controller not included.
  • Weight 3 Lbs.
5 reviews for Sprinter Water Bottle Battery

The water bottle battery is handy and can be locked and left unattended when the bike is parked. It looks good and is well engineered: Form and function are well integrated.

David Kober

I converted my wife’s Schwinn 7-speed-department-store-special into a bike that lets her go with me anywhere, with the Hiltopper kit.
It has been over a year now and my only complaint is we can only go about 13 miles. (But for the price and flexibility of install longer run time is a want, not a complaint)
I have solved our range problem with the purchase of a new battery. The old battery is still chugging along just fine, but we have now doubled the range and quelled any range-fear issues.
Now, I will install a water bottle holder for the additional battery, and we will have a 25 mile machine, cloaked as a Wal-Mart special!
With the Hilltopper kit pushing her Schwinn to 20 MPH on flat ground, we can pedal anywhere we want (within our new 25 mile range) without fear of her getting exhausted and not having fun.
With the install of the Hilltopper, the hilarity of my carbon fiber/ lighter than-my-wallet-was-after-I-bought-it Cannondale, getting passed by my lady on a Schwinn-beach-cruiser-with-a-basket, can continue. And now with a new battery it can continue for miles and miles…..
Thanks Hilltopper.


This batter exceeds my expectations!

Lance Cozad

Tubalcain tubalcain

Larry Miller

Second battery for longer rides with no worry about running out of power and piece of mind that no excessive pedaling to Wil be needed.

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