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Replacement Part for Kits

Motor Controller Replacement

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  • 36V Only
  • Contact prior to purchase

This the “magic box” between your battery and your motor. Regular 36V DC electricity goes into the two controller battery wires and “pulse width modulated” 36V DC electricity comes out the three motor power wires to power the motor.

Rated voltage: 36v
Max current: 18A
Rated current: 9A
Low voltage shutoff: 31.5v
Motor control: Pre-wired for simple on/off motor operation when plugged into our 36v throttle (see Related Products at bottom of page). Controller ship one week from time of purchase.

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  • Replacement part for Hilltopper kits. Contact for details.


  • Compatibility:Ranger, Horizon, and Universal Replacement 36V batteries only.
  • Not for 2020+ Sprinter batteries.

Reviews (5)

4.8 / 5

I’ve ordered this controller twice to replace burned out controllers manufactured by others. It saved me money and time. This controller outlasts similar controllers made elsewhere. The Hilltopper concept is great for those of us who want to build out the bicycles of our choice. There is nothing like an ebike that pedals well. An experience not found in the heavier, over priced, overbuilt, “impossible to pedal without battery power” ebikes appearing on the streets lately. Add Hilltopper to the bike you WANT to ride!

Rodney A.

The part was easy to install

Donald S.

The 36V controller shipped is marked as 7A rated – 15A max with a 30V cutoff. The 36V controller online cites 9A rated – 18A max with a 31.5V cutoff. The lower amp ratings may be correct because I am upgrading an existing 24V motor I purchased from them several years ago. That aside, the controller works perfectly with the variable throttle and cuts out at precisely 30V.

Jack T.

Had a problem with my controller. They made it right.


Perfect for what I needed!