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36V Cable Set

Read 56 reviews
  • Compatible with Universal Replacement Batteries Only.
  • Not compatible with 2020+ Sprinter batteries.
  • Not compatible with batteries that have a silver metal connector.

Getting an additional cable set can allow you to easily and quickly move a battery pack and/or motor wheel from bike to bike while you leave the cable sets semi-permanently installed on one or more bikes.


  • Compatibility:36V Universal Replacement Batteries Only.
  • Not for 2020+ Sprinter or Horizon batteries.
  • Not compatible with legacy batteries that have a silver metal connector.

Reviews (56)

4.8 / 5

The cable set is good. The throttle control works pretty well but is very touchy at the lower end, harder to keep it steady.

William Miller

The throttle rather than the push button is a great improvement.

James Ross

Cable set was easy to install and the variable speed throttle is very cofortable

Mark G.

The throttle harness works fine. However, if there is one negative thing about the package of equipment I purchased this time, it is the new throttle switch. I don’t particularly like it. The old throttle switch just had a small button to push which is a lot easier for me to operate than the new one that is bigger and wider, and the way that the new one is positioned forces me to use my thumb instead of my index finger. For me, this is an operational nightmare! It’s a lot more difficult for me to operate the new switch with my thumb than it was using my index finger on the old one. And that is crucial because I have to hold the new one with my thumb the whole time I’m operating it. The index finger pushing motion I experienced with the old system was MUCH more ergonomic! Pushing with my thumb now on the new one is much more difficult and over time, that swiveling thumb motion is what causes carpal tunnel syndrome. I sure wish I could still use my old push-button throttle! ? So far, that’s the only drawback I have found, but it’s a big one, fellas…

Robert Perry

Very easy to route the cable following the existing 24 volt system. Looks very well made and should be water resistant. Love the thumb switch!

Jim F.

The throttle is much nicer than the push button I used to have on my old system




Works well! I’ve used this to upgrade my old 24W wheel rig, which had a warranty replacement upgrade to the Universal Battery. Now, my new folding bike has my old 24W wheel on it!

Michael Burns

Bought two since adding another new bike to family fleet.